May 2012

In my african countries there is a common desease called Leishmaniose, for the local population this means that they will be attacked by sand-fleas in summer months. Due to lack of hygine and non-affordable medication a friend in morroco asked for support and help. The Cologne based Media Company Adtension GmbH donated immediately 200 Euro, which have been transfered in May 2012. The requested medicine will be purchased - due to the African heat - in the end of the summer and provided directly to the local population. On this day we created joy and happiness, therefore we would like to say thank you to Adtension GmbH in Cologne for their donation.


January 2011

The patrons of Indonesia send a request for financial donations to me after the terrible eruption of the Merapi Volcano in Java, Indonesia in October 2010. After various emails a good friend @ Gameduell gave me the happy news, that they were willing to give their first donation to Since they already made a contribution to a german project around Christmas, we were informed, that we would get the first donation for the first quarter of 2011 - and it worked out ! Once arrived on the island of Bali, Indonesia, the surfers paradise, we (the patrons and I) flew over to Java, home of the famous Borobudur Temple, where the refugee camps have been supported and built up by the local Lions Rotary Club of Yogjakarta. Many thousand are homeless and without shelter, so the Lions built up refugee shelters as you can see on the pictures. The donation of Gameduell was used to purchase School Uniforms (Shirt and Trousers), Shoes, Back Packs and Books for almost 500 students - who were also - without shelter and lost almost everything after the eruption of the Volcano. With the remaining money, further children in other rural areas around the volcano will be supported soon. Game Duell - thank you so much for your support - AGAIN !

Again on this day, we were able via the generous contribution of Gameduell, to make many kids and adult smile.

June 2010

The scheduled Playground was long overdue, since no budget was available for the 120 children of the Kindergarden. The originaly scheduled Kindergarden was sold and not on stock - this would have taken another 3 months to deliver. The "Emergency"-Solution was to use a Model that was on Display - in the hot sun of Thailand , it was much more expensive (double of the previous one), but we received 50 % discount since the colours have fade quite a bit. We did set up the playground on a Friday in appr. 40 degrees Celsius.

The Opening Ceremony happened on Saturday with the local press of Pattaya TV, Pattaya Newspaper, the persons in charge of the Father Ray Foundation and certainly 120 excited children.

The Father Ray Foundation and the mentioned children were very happy this day and everybody thanked OeH and in Person and of course on their website

On this day we created a lot of happiness and joy for the kids.. with lots of smiles on their faces. Again we would like to say thank you to the generous donation of OeH.


March 2010 Karokh, Afghanistan

Karokh is a suburban area of Kabul, in cooperation with the fund raising organisation of one of our patrons Titus Dittmann, also with Dr. Rupert Neudeck (Co-Founder of the international peace-corps Gruenhelme e. V., a school has been founded in Karokh, Afghansitan, for approximately 7.500 students, the first concrete skatepark in central asia. Creation and planning has been realized by Founder of / Landscape Engineer Ralf Maier.

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Marc Zanger (Skate-Aid Activist ) oft the Fundraising Organization and Zobair Akhi (local afghan engineer) which attended a german university, are the ones who have assembled this "Eighth Worldwonder"  within eight weeks

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January 2010 Vietnam

Actually the orphanages Xom Chieu Orphanage und An Lac in Saigon were supposed to be visited, but Mr Thai Son Vu, Owner of publicly listed Long Song Ltd. (Hyperlink auf LongSon), recommended to visit orphanages outside the City Centre of Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon in the suburban area. He mentioned, that orphanages within the city centre did receive financial support from the government, other orphanages didn`t. Since we at Stop-Poverty like to help where help is needed most, we appreciated Mr. Thai Son Vu`s advice. A majority of Long Son Ltd. Staff comes from orphanages and / or foster homes, therefore Mr. Thai Son Vu offered a car, a driver and also one of his sales staff as an interpreter, which originally came from a foster home also. Besides Donation of clothes, stuffed animals toys, shoes or similar goods we would like to help with "every day needed" items, such as soap, shower gel, toothpaste and toothbrushes, milk powder for new born babies, milk, cookies, soup or washing powder. At a local supermarket we did purchase goods for around 1.2 Million Vietnamese dong / approximately 120 Euros.

The first institution we did visit, was the Linh Son Monastery, which we would not have found without our driver and his local knowledge. Here mentally disabled children have been taken care off by local nuns, since mentally disabled children are usually hidden by their families in Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia, they consider this as bad karma from a previous life.

The housemothers are nuns and have been truly surprised by our un-announced visit and have been truly happy about the groceries and other goods we did bring along. The children, which literally didn`t have anything besides the clothes they were wearing, have been so happy about the clothes, toys and stuffed animals, that it was heartbreaking to witness. Especially if you know how children in western countries behave within their consumption behavior.

At the picture gallery you get an idea in which kind of area these children, sleep, eat and live.

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Linh Son Monastery, 76/1 Quarter 3, Ward Thoi An, District 12, (next to Hong Nhung Kindergarten), Tinh xa Linh Son, 76/1 khu pho 3, Phuong Thoi An, Quan 12. Canh truong mau giao Hong Nhung), Saigon, Vietnam

The second institution we did meet was Chua Tien Phuoc, this house is party supported by the UNILEVER Group with food and used computers. This orphanage is rather petite, but in another building across the street, there is a little "school", where the kids are being educated and taught in the use of computers. Since we appeared also unannounced here around lunch time, everybody was happy about the provided goods; the kids have been quite shy and more than grateful about our "gifts" and groceries. Even babies have been taken care off over here (please see pictures). One mentally disabled baby has been fed in his little "cage" (that what it looked like) and behave rather apathyc. One of the younger girls keept saying  "Baby Mad, Baby Mad"... I gave the baby a little teddy bear, dressed as a cook, with hat, spoon and white jacket and gave him some attention and finaly he smiled...happy that someone looked after him.

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Tien Phuoc 2 Pagoda, 17/66/26 Group 113, Quarter 6,  Ward Binh Hung Hoa B, Tận Binh District, Chua Tien Phuoc, 17/66/26 To 113, Khu pho 6, Phường Binh Hung Hoa B, Quận Binh Tan, Saigon, Vietnam

The third and last institution we did visit on this day was the Khanh Tam Open House. But it should be mentioned here, that the quality of roads, freeways and traffic is of a different quality than in Europe (Videolink Youtube). Our trip to those orphanages started and ended in Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon and we drove approximately 100 km and have been "on the road" for almost 12 hours, this only besides... This institution did provide help and shelter for homeless children, foster`s and mentally disabled children. Since we did not find the institution directly, we called to get directions and have been welcomed with a song by the nuns and children - a great experience. Here we also left food, groceries, sanitary items, clothes and stuffed animals and the children would not let us leave - also a heartbreaking experience. Since I didn`t shave the last days and came with a bag filled with toys and gifts, the kids though I was Santa Claus and started to sing a Christmas Carol - can you believe it ?

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Khanh Tam Open House, 23/21A Path 4, Group 159, Quarter 8, Ward Binh Hung Hoa A, Binh, Tan District, Mai am Khanh Tam, 23/21A Duong 4, To 159, Khu pho 8, Phuong Binh Hung Hoa,A, Quan Binh Tan, Saigon Vietnam

If you are travelling to Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon you should spare a day to visit one of those institutions, besides Hanoi, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi,Halong Bay, Da Nangh, Da Trangh, the Mekong Delta, Cu Chi Tunnels or the War Museum in Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon, you will never forget this day - trust me !

January 2010 Thailand

At my second visit at the Father Ray Foundation in Pattay, Chonburi Province, Thailand, I saw a tremendous progress at "The Village" (similar to SOS-Kinderdorf Projects). Many of the children recognized me from my first stop / visit to their home from October 2008 and gave me a warm welcome. Certainly they were also happy about the gifts I brought along J such as toys, stuffed animals and clothes. During my last visit four houses were built up with six to eight children each, now 4 houses more were about to be completed. Brother Dennis Gervais of the Father Ray Foundation invited to the opening ceremony, unfortunately I was already back in Germany at this time.

Investors and Found Raisers can participate and support the village, a complete build and furnished house which fits six to eight children is around 20.000 Euro (including furniture, kitchen + accessories, etc.).For founds or donations coming from Germany, USA, Canada, UK or Thailand, documents can be provided to use for tax compensation by our Partner Organizations.

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Bali, Indonesia - April 2009

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This Orphanage is run by the Franciscan Sisters and like others subsists totally on the support of kind people: no help whatever is available in any form from the Government in Indonesia for institutes other than those run by the Muslim majority.

Bali orphanage

About 100 young girls and boys are cared for at one time, no religious criteria apply for entrance, those in need are not set adrift on the world at the age of 17 as practiced by other Christian Orphanages, rather they are welcome to stay until they have found a living.

Their ages range from 3 years to adults. Children from all rural areas over Indonesia are being send here, since other areas such as Java, Jakarta, Timor, Surabaya or Flores are even poorer. If you are in Bali, Food, clothes and school utilities are more than welcome. You will be very surprised how many happy children you will find and how excited they can get once they receive a stuffed animal, a t-shirt or some pens to draw.

Bali Franciscan Orphanage - Tuka

Panti Asuhan Katolik
Jln Raya Tuka
Desa Tuka
Bngr Dalung

November 2008

Phuket Orphanage

Currently there are approximately 80 children starting from 3 - 15 years in this orphanage, this orphanage has been founded in 2004 by European expatriates, living in Thailand.

Phuket Orphanage

Through their help and support by the Thai government, a piece of real estate has been purchased and a complete orphanage has been built and established. This orphanage consists of various houses, based on the international know Principle from the SOS Kinderdorf, such as built at the Father Ray Foundation Pataya.

Phuket Orphanage

This institution has been built by the French Red Cross and has been supported by financial donations. There are no actual project which needs support or sponsorships, everything is new and recently built.

Financial Donations for food, learning material / books or computers are certainly always appreciated.


October 2008

Father Ray Foundation Pataya

During my work in Thailand from 2005 till 2007 I heard about the Father Ray Fondation; out of nothing Father Ray Brennan built this foundation. The foundation consists of The Village, Redemptory Drop In Center for Street Kids, Redemptory Day Care Center, Redemptory School for the blind children, The Redemptory Childrens Home, The Home for Street Kids as well as the Redemptory Vocational School for Handicaped. Unfortunately Father Ray Brennon passed away in 2005; his projects are carried on and fulfilled by numerous supporters.

Stop Poverty Father Ray

Brother Dennis runs the Foundation and used to be a computer programmer with IBM in Canada; he left Canada to help Father Brennan in Pattaya and works with the foundation full time now. For nothing in the world he would leave the foundation. There is nothing more satisfying to him and all the volunteers than the smiles of all the children.


Drop In Center

Stop Poverty Drop In Center

More Pictures of visiting the Day Care Center of the Father Ray Foundation

The Drop-In Center was opened in February 2004 with the aim of offering and providing help to those children and young people living on the streets of Pattaya, or at risk of ending on the streets following a break up of the family unit.

There are many reasons why children and young people come to Pattaya, end up living on the streets and come to the Center for help. Some have run away from their family and home. Many of the younger children come from broken families and are unwanted by either parent or other family members. Others have been brought to the Center by the local authorities or the police after being abused by family members or members of the public, both Thai and foreign.

Father Ray

Street Kid Home

For many kids the odysey of travelling over land end here, as mentioned above may kids assume living im big cities is more fun and much easier than living in the country side. Most of them end up selling their body as young prositutes to surrive. The Street kid home provides food, school and shelter for approxemately 400 children, quite a few dissapear as fast as they came, since they are not used to follow rules. Here as well the Father Ray Foundation creates an environment with family similar structures, which works out often but not always.

Stop Poverty Street Kid Home

Father Ray School for Blind Children

The School for the Blind is one of eleven schools for blind children in the whole of the Kingdom of Thailand. It was founded in 1986 by Fr. Ray, with the help of Mrs. Aurora Sribuapan, a social worker who is herself blind, and who is now Principal of the school. With over 170 students boarding and studying for free, these really are the lucky ones.

Stop Poverty School For Blind Children

The Village

Fr. Ray's Village is modeled on the very successful SOS Kinderdorf International, a private welfare organization, operating in 132 countries around the world. SOS was established by Hermann Gmeiner, an Austrian, in 1949 for World War II orphans. The late Fr. Ray Brennan, an american Redemptorist priest, founded many projects in Pattaya, Thailand including an Orphanage, an Old Age Home for Stateless People, a School for Deaf Children, a Vocational School for the Handicapped Young Adults, a School for Blind Children and a Home for Street Children. All these projects accept poor children and young adults and provide them with love, food, medical care and education.

Stop Poverty The Village

September 2008

Pakkred Babies Home

Due to many donations (toys, clothes, stuffed animals, etc.) a trip to Thailand took place end of September / beginning of Oktober 2008. The first stop over was the Pakkred Babies Home, south of Bangkok.

Father Ray

Pakkred Babies Home Foundation
78 / 1 Moo 1, Thivanon Raod,
Bangthalad Pakkred,
Nonthaburi, 11120 Thailand

Supporting Partners

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