Germany  Dr. med. Klaus Troebs - Medicines sans frontiers - Cologne, Germany

Dr. Troebs
While attending medical university Dr. Klaus Troebs was already engaged in social and charity projects in latin america. Furthermore he still is engaged nowadays with the organisation „Medicins sans Frontiers“. In summer 07 he spent his entire summer vacation in Kolkata India to help kids.


Indonesia  Dantie und Hate Koopmans - Seminyak Bali, Indonesia

Shanti Normann
Dantie and Hate Koopmans own the Sarinande Hotel in Seminyak Bali and are also members of Lions Club International. Hate as The Director International relationship. Dantie as a balinese local runs a small familly hotel in Seminyak Kuta Bali. Sarinande Beach Hotel.

In the Lions club we have activities social help people or children have problem with hearing .We have conection with Lions werkgroup Indonesia in Holand. But we did also privat help for the school, also they adoppt children who donŐt have money to go to University,high school,elementary school and we lookingfor sponsor for them. Hate retired from the job,and activities to help people will be maximal. Since they heard about they wanted to help immediately and are now supporting us localy as Patrons.

India  Shanti Normann - Koblenz, Germany

Shanti Normann
Shanti Normann was set out as a baby in India, she was very fortunate to get into an orphanage and 2 years later became adopted by a german family, since she would not have had a chance to survive in India, like many other children. In the meantime she has visited "her" orphanage in Poona, the Convent of St. Mary und donated money, clothes and food. Furthermore she visited Orphanages in Dehli "Holy Cross", The "Ashasadan" in Bombay and a SOS Kinderdorf in Varsani. After the Tsunami she oragnised and beneficary concert to help and support the victims in Jagabay/Sri Lanka.

Venezuela  Andrés B. Capriles - Caracas, Venecuela

Andrés B. Capriles
Right after launch and knowing about this projekt, Andres wanted to use his knowledge and international network to support in Caracas, Venezuela. As President of Invesiones Serendipity C.A just as the Managing Director of he can be be of big help for us to stop hunger and poverty in rural areas in Caracas, Venezuela, which we would like to help and support him via




Mexiko  Daniel Richardt - Monterey, Mexico

Daniel Richardt
During his working experience in Chonburi Thailand as a Quality and Production Manager, Daniel got to know Country Sights as well as poverty and starvation among the country people in Thailands south. Currently he is in a studten exchange programm for one semester in Monterey, Mexico. He supports in Mexico, visiting institutions for homeless and orphanages. Those being visited and inspected before distributing of donated goods takes place. Financial Donations will be given only after receipt of project proposals and review by the founders. End of 2008 the first project will be realised through Daniel.

Germany  Helmut Zerlett - Cologne, Germany

Helmut Zerlett
Helmut Zerlett, awarded Musician, Composer, Producer, Bandleader at Schmidt & Pocher Late Night Show and Member of Studio- and Liveband of german Singer Marius Müller-Westerhagen, supports since he feels it as his duty, to support and help people, who have not been as blessed as he has. Being in public as a musician and a celebrity, it is a lot easier to convince others to help stop poverty in rural nations.



Brazil  Angelo Barbosa Pereira  -  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Angelo Barbosa Pereira
Angelo works as an english teacher in the favelas / slum area of Rio de Janeiro, and supports besides the Grupo Arco Iris, projects with street childen. Twelve years ago he adopted his Son Pedro Paula (13 years old now). Via he would like to explore further opportunities to help getting kids of the street and out of poverty.



Deutschland  Titus Dittman - Germany

Titus Dittman

The Godfather of Skateboarding in Germany, the founder of TITUS Skate Company started as a Physical Education Teacher before he started importing sporting goods such as skateboards, snowboard and other stuff. After a successful time as entrepreneur he started now his own Charity Organisation. With Skate Aid he supports projects worldwide including skateboard related activities or anything on 4 wheels. and our efforts are the perfect mixture. Certainly we do support with everything that is within our possibilities.


Deutschland  Thai Son Vu - Vietnam

Thai Son Vu

Mr. Vu is one the most succesful private businessman, running a private enterprise in Saigon and Hanoi, Vietnam. Usualy he hires staff which have been born and raised without parents or which grew up in orphanages. Since Mr. Vu has many children himself, he would like to give something back to the Vietnamese people and society. For the January 2010 trip of he provided a car, driver and interpreter to us…. Both of them have been born and raised in orphanages.




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October 2008
This September / October 2008, the first trip for will take place to Thailand where the a Baby Orphanage in Bangkok Phayathai Babies' Home will be visited and first donated clothes + toys will be distributed. more

November 2008
In November 2008 Lars Borkowsky will visit an orphanage in Phuket during his holiday... more more

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