People who don’t have the opportunity to travel to countries of the third world, won’t have the immagiantion about the situation and circumstances in countries like in Senegal / Africa, India, Brazil or the Philippines. Of course – how could they ? People in those countries dream of issues like minimum wages, 38 hour working weeks, pension, unemployment money or social welfare.

Standard Social Welfare Criteria in western countries which are described as minor poverty stages, are already a state of wealth in third world countries. To have a bed, a roof above your head, clothes, toys or education are pure luxury to them.

Due to the various professional and cultural backgrounds of the founders and the Sponsors / Godfather, living their „average lives“ is a life in wealth without sorrow for people coming from third world countries.

Goal of our mission is to generate donations of any kind and distribute those in various regions wolrdwide to those who realy need it. Tsunami Victims in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka or India were meant to be helped, but living in Non-Toursim Areas means not to receive anything. Based on this we want to help those who have not received any help yet. To help direct and avoid corruption with authorities, this will not always be possible, but we will try to minimize this.

To supply schools in those countries supported we are looking for computers (idealy notebooks) to help kids in those regions to have the opportunity to get to know the new and modern media and use these to proceed their careers.

Nobelprize Winner Muhammad Yunus recieved the intentional known and wanted price for the idea of giving out micro-credits to the poorest. With those for example women could buy mobile phones to be the first and only phone connection to their loved ones –mostly working in remote areas of the country or even abroad- with the generated revenue out of the intensively used services, they could pay pack their depth and could start their own little enterprises and become independent to support their families with food and money.

German Business Magazin June 2008
„Each Mobile Phone User has a least used 5 phones in his live, three of those 4 remaining phones are somewhere left in drawer

We want to help people in similar situations WITHOUT asking or using a micro credit, due to this we want to collect donated mobile / cel phones (only usable ones) including working batteries and charger. Those will be checked, sorted and catalogued and finally distributed through our partners locally or through partner organisations. We are looking forward to receive donated goods of any kind, but we are ASKING only for goods in mint condition to be send (clothes without holes, mobile phones without battery or charger or broken or non working ones).

Adress for donated goods to be send

c/o Michael Maier
Am Bayenturm 9
D-50678 Köln


Supporting Partners

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October 2008
This September / October 2008, the first trip for www.stop-poverty.com will take place to Thailand where the a Baby Orphanage in Bangkok Phayathai Babies' Home will be visited and first donated clothes + toys will be distributed. more

November 2008
In November 2008 Lars Borkowsky will visit an orphanage in Phuket during his holiday... more more

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