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  • Membership fee EURO 120 / year plus additional adminstrational fee (due only once) of EURO 7,50 (Membership fee includes Membershipcard, 2 T-Shirts (Size S – M – L – XL) and 2 Bumper Stickers)

  • Amount of your choice (at a min. of EURO 5)

  • Amount of your choice for a certain project

  • Donations can be done via Paypal or Click and Buy.


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Helfen Sie Armut zu bekämpfen.


October 2008
This September / October 2008, the first trip for www.stop-poverty.com will take place to Thailand where the a Baby Orphanage in Bangkok Phayathai Babies' Home will be visited and first donated clothes + toys will be distributed. more

November 2008
In November 2008 Lars Borkowsky will visit an orphanage in Phuket during his holiday... more more

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Armut Bekämpfen! e.V.
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Kölner Bank

Club is listed under §§ 52 ff AO with Governmental
TAX Office Cologne under Tax Account
NO 214 / 5850 / 0961 and is entitled to issue
letter of redemptory for Germany in order to
claim taxes.