Stop poverty

Poverty is all around nowadays, even in wealthy industrial nations of western countries, it increases every day....

But still poverty e.g. in germany, swiss ort he united kingdom isn’t comparable of poverty in third world countries such as africa, thailand, india or future to become eu-partner countries like turkey.

Poverty is all around nowadays

We would like to help and donate ! Each and every one of us possesses goods and items of the every day life, which we don’t need anymore but which are highly appreciated in the countries mentioned above. Please help us to help people in need.

How you can help to provide charity you can see here!


Current projects need your financial support:


Mount Merapi, Indonesia. Frightened residents in a bustling city of 400,000 at the foot of Indonesia’s rumbling volcano headed out of town Monday, cramming onto trains and buses and even rented vehicles to seek refuge with family and friends far away.
Concerns over the risk posed by ash lingering in the air prompted many international airlines to cancel flights to the capital, Jakarta, just days before President Barack Obama’s planned trip to Indonesia.

Mount Merapi, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, has erupted many times in the last century, killing more than 1,400. But Friday was the mountain’s deadliest day since 1930, with nearly 100 lives lost.

The Indonesian government has put Yogyakarta on high alert. It could act as a conduit for deadly volcanic mudflows that form in heavy rains, racing at speeds of up to 100 kilometers and destroying everything in their path. A thick, black volcanic sludge has already inundated one city neighborhood that starts at the river bank and climbs a hillside.

Nearly 280,000 people — many of whom normally live on the fertile slopes of the volcano — have jammed into emergency shelters. Many have complained of poor sanitation, saying there were not enough toilets or clean drinking water. Please help with a donation via Paypal

Helfen Sie Armut zu bekämpfen.


SMS / Texmessage Foundraiser

Since November 2009 we are able to raise founds via SMS / Textmessage, unfortunaly this service is ONLY AVAILABLE IN GERMANY 





From December 2008 Letter of Redemptory can be issued for tax purposes from our partner institution in various countries, such as the Africa, Canada, US or Thailand!

India  Project Poverty Stricken Tribal Childrens - India  pdf

Hill Tribe

Thailand  Project Mini Van - Thailand  pdf

Mini Van



Supporting Partners


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Help by buying Pixels

You can be a huge help once you support our projects, please select a fraction on the picture above with your picture, icon or your corporate logo. Select various pixel, it is very easy! A Link or our Banner on your website would also help


Helfen Sie Armut zu bekämpfen.


May 2012
Donation by Adtension GmbH for Nomads in Eastern-Marokko more...

May 2011 received the timewise unlimited permission by the german tax authority to issue letter of redemption in return for financial donations – thank you so much !!!!

January 2011
Delivery of the donation of GameDuell in Java, Indonesien.

Mount Merapi, Indonesia. Frightened residents in a bustling city of 400,000 at the foot of Indonesia’s rumbling volcano headed out of town Monday, cramming onto trains and buses and even rented vehicles to seek refuge with family and friends far away.

June 2010
Opening Ceremony for donated Playground in Thailand more...

March 2010
Development und final build up of Skatepark in Karokh, Afghanistan more...

January 2010
The Orphanages Xom Chieu Orphanage and An Lac Orphanage in Saigon will be supported with donated goods by you furthermore, food and sanitary items will be purchased localy and given to the staff und Pictures will be on the website February 2010 here

November 2009
SMS / Texmessage Foundraiser more...

August 2009
Joint-Venture / Cooperation with
Skate-Aid Münster, Germany
See Patrons Titus Dittman.

April 2009
On his Asia Trip, Michael did visit an Orphanage run by franciscan nuns in Batung Village, Indonesia more / Gallery

October 2008
This September / October 2008, the first trip for will take place to Thailand where the a Baby Orphanage in Bangkok Phayathai Babies' Home will be visited and first donated clothes + toys will be distributed. more

November 2008
In November 2008 Lars Borkowsky will visit an orphanage in Phuket during his holiday... more more

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